Lactate Threshold Testing

Defining your lactate threshold as it relates to power output or heart rate is an excellent way to quantify your fitness and to appropriately establish training ranges.  Momentum Endurance offers LT Testing so rider’s can train with greater precision.  Cycling performance is highly dependent  upon one’s power to weight ratio at Lactate Threshold, so why not get an accurate measure of this important metric? Repeated tests done over time will confirm changes to your physiology and provide a record of your progression. $125 per single test or $225 for two tests.

Bike Fit Consultation

The posture we assume while riding greatly affects our experience on the road or trail. Whether you want to maximize power, speed, comfort, or control it’s important that the bicycle be adjusted to meet the demands of your riding style along with your unique physical makeup. We’ll take a ground up approach to your positioning while considering the critical factors relating to your bike fit.  The body can adapt to a haphazardly fit bike, but a purposefully adjusted setup will provide you with a better riding experience. Whether you’re looking to improve your positioning on your road, mtb, cyclocross or time trial machine Momentum Endurance offers you an optimized fitting consultation.  $100.